Day 63: Finish

It’s over. 3,000 miles. 8 states. 12 riders. 5 crew. 1 Babs. It was a helluva ride. We left Palatka about 11:45 as we only had 32 miles and were meeting the police escort in St. Augustine Beach at 2:20. As it was, we got there about 25 minutes early. The weather was warm and … Continue reading Day 63: Finish

Day 62: So Close I Can Smell It

Just a beautiful day for riding. Left with an expanded group out of Gainesville this morning with the arrival of Casey late last night. He and his wife Lynn drove all the way down from Raleigh, NC in one straight shot and got to Gainesville sometime after midnight but Casey was his bright and cheery … Continue reading Day 62: So Close I Can Smell It

Day 61: Atypical

Well, I should really start with Day 60, because apparently I forgot to blog yesterday. It may have something to do with hydration. Anyway yesterday was the last time on this tour that we got the privilege of packing up our tents. From here on out its hotels. We woke up to a cool crisp … Continue reading Day 61: Atypical

Day 59: Circling like Vultures

The ride is winding down and with each day emotions are becoming more and more mixed. Two months is a hell of a long time to be gone from family and friends back home so certainly everyone is anxious to end this thing. But on the other hand, we have just a few days of … Continue reading Day 59: Circling like Vultures

Day 58

We had a scheduled day off yesterday in Tallahassee and it was a good thing… it rained all day. So we booked ourselves into a downtown hotel and used the time to dry out our clothes, shoes and tents. When we woke up this morning the front had mostly passed, still a bit misty and … Continue reading Day 58