It was with ridiculous luck the other day that I found myself sitting next to Paul Gionfriddo at an awards luncheon for the local Mental Health Association chapter. Paul is the President/CEO of Mental Health America, the national parent organization to MHA and the author of the book “Losing Tim, How Our Health and Education … Continue reading B4Stage4

One in Four

One in four adults – approximately 61.5 million Americans – experience mental illness in a given year. Add to that this fact; 1 in 17 – about 13.6 million – live with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder. Honestly, when I first heard that stat I didn’t believe it. … Continue reading One in Four

Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Hear Voices?

Watch this really powerful video to experience what goes on in the mind of someone suffering from schizophrenia. WARNING:  This video may trigger anxiety. Please be in a strong place before viewing it. After watching, please consider supporting our cause. We founded Ride to Awareness to raise awareness help those who continue to suffer from … Continue reading Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Hear Voices?

Supported or Un-Supported?

Lest you think this article is about women’s underclothing or an Athlete’s unmentionables let me just tell you that there are two basic types of bicycle touring. The supported ride “supports” the riders with a SAG vehicle (Support and Gear) that rides along somewhere in the close vicinity of the bicyclists. In addition there may … Continue reading Supported or Un-Supported?