Day 56: Soggy

It started raining about 2am and it’s still raining now as I write this, 15 hours later. A quick look at the radar as I lay in my tent this morning told me there’s no sense in waiting this one out… we’re gonna get wet today. We gathered our stuff and struck our tents and … Continue reading Day 56: Soggy

Day 55: Another Day on the RTA… NOT

One thing that has been consistent on this ride is that no two days are alike and as you might have guessed today was no different. Or was different… now I’m all confused. So Rich and I started out early to scout out a place for an unreasonably large breakfast. The first place we came … Continue reading Day 55: Another Day on the RTA… NOT

Day 54: Panama City Beach to Indian Pass

Nice mileage today with a respectable 63 miles with two extremes… long incredibly straight pine lined roads (that’s bike touring code for “extremely boring”) and beautiful gorgeous Gulf views along the coast (bike touring code for “fun”). Rich and I left early to stop off at the Waffle House for a big breakfast. Apparently Waffle … Continue reading Day 54: Panama City Beach to Indian Pass

Day 53: Short and Sweet

An easy day on the RTA today with a short 31 miles up the coast to Panama City Beach where we set up camp in the beautiful St. Andrews State Park. As Mike was saying, the parks are just getting more and more beautiful as we travel east. The early arrival gave us plenty of … Continue reading Day 53: Short and Sweet

Day 52: Weird Day

Today turned out nothing like I had imagined it. In my mind it was a short mileage day, sunny (or at least partly sunny), a few hours on the bike and get to the campground early enough to rent a kayak and enjoy the State Park, leaving plenty of time to catch up on computer … Continue reading Day 52: Weird Day