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What’s Next

Wow! Can you believe this ride has come to an end? For the last week, it felt like we would never get to St. Augustine. Even this morning, I was thinking – “Man, we still have 32 miles.” But, we finally arrived and all our family and friends were gathered. I would like to thank … Continue reading What’s Next

Get Up and Go

Our day off in Gainesville was probably the most rewarding experience I have had this entire trip. It started with our visit with the NAMI folks. We were welcomed with open arms. One woman relayed her experience bringing her story to the schools. This is a program used by other NAMIs nationwide, which Gainesville is … Continue reading Get Up and Go

Beauty Tips

Today Lynn and I had Mike take a picture of us wearing clothes from Title 9, a women’s athletic apparel store. They have a promotion that if you tweet a photo you have a chance to win money. I look at it as a way to hashtag Ride To Awareness. Throughout this trip, we have … Continue reading Beauty Tips

Sink Hole

Yesterday, Lynn told you about our visit to the Blue Hole Springs at Ichetucknee Springs State Park. It was only a mile from our camping spot for the night. While I am always up for adventures on the ride, I was extremely hungry and could feel my blood sugar drop. So I sent Lynn and … Continue reading Sink Hole

Thank A Veteran!

The fire department recently sent out information on what Fairfax will do to recognize Veterans Day. The email also included a brief history about this day. “While many realize that Veterans Day, which always falls on November 11, is a day to honor our veterans, few realize the historical significance behind the day. Veterans Day … Continue reading Thank A Veteran!