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Soul Foods

Before I started this ride, I asked several friends for articles that I could use for my blog. My dear friend, Alice Maher, is a Holistic Health Counselor. She is also my nutritionist. There is alot she has taught me about healthy living. Some of that went out the window for this ride, but you … Continue reading Soul Foods

Florida Baker Act

It’s our rest day in Tallahassee, so some of us went to the Florida State Capitol to talk to legistlature. Allen showed me the letter he wrote for his representative. Unfortunately, they are not in session. One of his points mentions the Florida Baker Act. The following is the Wikipedia definition. Florida Mental Health Act … Continue reading Florida Baker Act

Stay Tuned

As most of you already know, we were in a parade yesterday. Now, as my family knows, I’m not usually one who gets into parades, but this was a blast. First and foremost, the parade showed off BABS, our traveling billboard. This was exactly what we needed to put some focus back on our mission. … Continue reading Stay Tuned

Red Tide

Today Ed, Lynn and I all started to cough on our ride. My first thought was that it may be from the humidity. As we were discussing this outside the restaurant we were about to enter for lunch, a local stated that it was probably from the Red Tide. Apparantly, this can cause respiratory distress. … Continue reading Red Tide


Today I rode ahead of the group. With the onslaught of rain, I played leapfrog on the route. By this, I mean that I rode a few miles and then I stopped at various locations. My stops included a Chai Latte and avocado sandwhich at a coffee shop, a wine tasting, an overpriced t-shirt purchase … Continue reading Leapfrog