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A Guinness World Record?

When I rode across the US with RideToAwareness, I loved the adventure and the challenge and the team that emerged. I also enjoyed how blog titles and posts emerged while I rode. I thrived on my interaction with you, the readers of my blog. While training for RTA, I wondered if, given my age, the … Continue reading A Guinness World Record?

Take an Armchair Adventure

My raccoon eyes have faded but the memories have not. To keep on living the adventure, I made a huge paper wall map. I printed out over a dozen Google maps that covered our route. Then I marked the places we stayed on it and connected them using the routes recorded by my Strava app, then I added photos. It looks like this. I … Continue reading Take an Armchair Adventure

When Just 50 More Gets You to the Top

Yesterday, I rode at home with my Babes-on-Bikes friends, the ones who rode with me incessantly while I trained for the Ride to Awareness. Before I met them, I biked from home to a doctor’s appointment to get my body fat and Vitamin D checked since I’ve been working on them for the last eight … Continue reading When Just 50 More Gets You to the Top

Recipe for a Hearty Lentil Soup and a Good Bike Ride

Soak dried lentils for an hour or two in ample water. Send out an email to collect a bunch of cycling friends. Agree on start time and location. Lube your bike chain the night before and zero your bike computer, then get a good night’s sleep. Mince 2 cloves of garlic and one medium onion. … Continue reading Recipe for a Hearty Lentil Soup and a Good Bike Ride

My Own Bed

Last night, I slept in my own bed, my husband by my side and two dogs in their preferred spots – Ellie curled up in her new bed, and Bebe’, who became a new member of our family while I was gone, snuggled in her crate. Camping was a challenge. It was nice to have … Continue reading My Own Bed