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Training Miles versus Ride Miles

My training miles are almost entirely on trails and roads I know well. I know where the manhole covers and potholes are, which boards are loose on the bridges, when I need to shift gears for the uphills, whether or not I need to brake on the downhills. I know if I need to steer or if … Continue reading Training Miles versus Ride Miles

Getting My Engine Ready

Les Welch, the humble wizardous bike mechanic at Green Lizard Cycling in Herndon, VA, prepared my bike for Ride to Awareness.  He also advised me how to prepare the bike’s engine — me. He said to increase my mileage 10% per week so I wouldn’t shock my body the first week of the ride. I was … Continue reading Getting My Engine Ready

Getting My Steed Ready

My Trek and I have been together for 11 years. I knew I had to prepare my engine but I also wanted to be sure my bike would be my best friend for the ride. Les Welch, the bike mechanic at Green Lizard Cycling, and I talked through what would be helpful.  First he thoroughly … Continue reading Getting My Steed Ready

Life is Like a Bike

In Spring 2014, MathTree, Inc, the business I started 15 years earlier, was ready to sell and I was ready to sell it.  That summer, I had the immense fortune of finding the perfect buyers and, on September 15, 2014,  we closed the sale at Great Falls Park, VA, overlooking the waterfall. Now I had … Continue reading Life is Like a Bike