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12 Hours, 700 Miles, 5 States

It was time to acknowledge that it was really over and head home. Loading the rental car was a challenge with two bikes, the luggage of four people, and space for three passengers. (We had the privilege of taking Bill to the Jacksonville Airport, too!) For a moment, I thought we might need BABS, but it’s … Continue reading 12 Hours, 700 Miles, 5 States

Make One Day Happen

Together, we all made it happen! Here are some moments from our final day of riding. Let the hugs begin! We are finally at the other ocean! Personal greetings awaited us at the Coquina Beach Surf Club! Allen’s video captures more. You’ve got to see it! The ride is over but the mission is definitely … Continue reading Make One Day Happen

It’s All Relative(s)

Our final ride is coming up. It’s: One day out of 63 30 miles out of 3000 Mostly flat but begins with a bridge In extended summer weather The end of two months out of a lifetime It’s all relative, though, because it’s the last day of 63 and the last 30 out of 3000 miles and the … Continue reading It’s All Relative(s)

Gator Aid

The unexpected surprise in Gainesville was a giant park called Payne’s Prairie Preserve State Park. Though once the site of a gigantic cattle ranch, it’s now an immense (21,000 acres) state park practically in the city. It’s swampy so no use to developers so it got to be preserved in its natural condition and that makes it a … Continue reading Gator Aid


Today we visited the Devils Millhopper, an enormous sinkhole 500 feet across and 120 feet deep in north central Florida quite close to Gainesville and in the midst of a residential neighborhood. Sinkholes have a bad reputation for doing things like swallowing up Corvettes. This particular sinkhole has the devil in its name because bones and … Continue reading SynchWhole