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Finally Leaving Austin

Had a great time in Austin over our break..sad that I missed the Ride for the Roses bike ride for the Livestrong foundation that was held the Sunday before we left. Monday morning the roadbike gods gave us an absolutely perfect day to ride. Although only 44 miles, I don’t think any of us felt … Continue reading Finally Leaving Austin

Days 28 and 29: Campwood to Kerrville, TX

Couldn’t get any enet or phone service the past few days so I’m going to combine some stuff….let’s hope I have it in the right order. But before I start I’d like to give a big “shout out” to all my friends from my neighborhood in Coral Springs…love you guys. Day 28, left a great … Continue reading Days 28 and 29: Campwood to Kerrville, TX

Day 27: Fort Clark to Campwood, TX

Stayed in a nice RV park last was once an Army base (Fort Clark) now it has many residents that live on the property. Anyway, did an easy ride (46 miles) to a nice campground (Cooksey RV park) just outside of Campwood. Campground overlooks a lake….guess where my tent was set?

Day 24: Langtry to Del Rio, TX

Another 60 miler today. I’m through complaining about the headwinds…”Texas Blows”…instead I’ll focus on the great scenery, rolling terrain and many canyons. Today we stopped in Comstock at 30 miles and I had one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while. After another 30 we finally made our destination hotel in Del Rio. … Continue reading Day 24: Langtry to Del Rio, TX

Day 23: Sanderson to Langtry, TX

Planned a 80 miler today ending at a campsite in Seminole Canyon State Park but after a grueling 60 miles of rollers and persistent headwinds we threw in the towel. Stopped in Langtry, Texas…home of Judge Roy Bean (the “hanging judge”). Camped at a pretty basic RV park and had an awesome dinner of pasta, … Continue reading Day 23: Sanderson to Langtry, TX