Day 2: Highway 8


Day 2: Highway 8
Martinez, whatever the opposite of white
nuckling the side ramp
at 48 mph
bike tires balding
wings outspread span as far as fingers tips can almost reach
to Mexico, blood
& bones stretching skin
American as his Army issued camo backpack, Velcro Stars and Stripes Afghanistan tour ball cap
boots and tattoos
said he lost his early 20’s, freedom for the fight
I like to think he found a hint
in the beauty of Van Gogh’s best attempt at our Heroine horizon
behind his eyelids
much longer than a blink or wink
blacks out the beauty
for why I couldn’t ask
why does the wolf dog bark, chase and howl down the hill
I’m guessing at 24
it’s cause he can
cause poems don’t do justice
to broken hallelujahs
deserves more time
but you can get seconds returned
but I like to think it slows for him
as he breaks 50
for 5 minutes
we snake down highway 8
skip the prearranged route & exit
his breaking
smile sure is something
to see
freedom doesn’t come free

4 thoughts on “Day 2: Highway 8”

  1. Thank you for looking in to see what he’s experienced. Because he is a giver, he puts himself out there for the benefit of others. Even now, on this ride, it’s his fellow battle buddies he rides for.
    Ryan’s an honorable man who served his country well, I am grateful for him and others like hiim. 🇺🇸

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