Day 40: Still in Texas

Funny what a good meal, good night’s rest and flat roads can do for a 60 mile ride…a few of the riders (including me) decided to a “gun check” this morning enroute to our scheduled 48 mile lunch stop. After a pretty much effortless ride we made it to Mama Jacks in Kountze Texas where we indulged ourselves at the famous all you can eat lunch buffet. After another 12 miles we found ourselves at the Red Cloud RV park in Silsbee. Nice place….to bad tomorrow we’ll be trying our best to make it to a safe haven from the weather caused by hurricane Patricia.

3 thoughts on “Day 40: Still in Texas”

  1. Oh, hurricane, I’m sure you will have the wind blowing from the rear, and the liquid sunshine will drift just above you so you stay dry

  2. Glad you all finally had an easy day – you’ve worked for it! Maybe you’ll get a rest day or two while you wait out the rain and try your luck at the casino. Good luck!!

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