Ryan Martinez

Ryan met up with Ride To Awareness on the eve of our San Diego start. Stopping into a coffee shop where Ride To Awareness was holding a joint event with NAMI, Ryan decided to stop and listen and an hour or so later decided to quit his job and spend the next two months with us on the road.

“I’m am a man who has seen action and now seeks adventure. To be ever-moving with life experience brings a state of peace and clarity to my mind. Life will bring you opportunity and it is up to the individual to either act or not. Riding a bicycle across a nation has been a self achievement for many, and soon it will be an achievement of mine as well. This is not my first adventure, nor will it be my last. My goal in life is to be rich with memories; learn and expand my self-wisdom through the guidance of human relationships and experience. To be open to a cause such as bringing awareness about Mental Illness…talking, learning, and listening has shaped my perception of life and will forever hold an impact moving forward on my path through life. If there is one thing I could tell anyone who is reading, it would be to make the jump when opportunity presents itself to you. “Breathe in peace, exhale love.” -Ryan

3,000 Miles of Adventure Cycling across the Southern Tier of the USA to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)