Sink Hole

Yesterday, Lynn told you about our visit to the Blue Hole Springs at Ichetucknee Springs State Park. It was only a mile from our camping spot for the night.

While I am always up for adventures on the ride, I was extremely hungry and could feel my blood sugar drop.

So I sent Lynn and Ed ahead while I sat on the side of the trail with my back to a tree. After a short time, two women walked by and asked where we were riding. (They had passed the others on the trail.)

This led to a conversation about Ride To Awareness. Both women immediately expressed their appreciation for our endeavor and the need to help individuals and their families.

As you know, many people have shared their story with me. The one lady relayed to me that a friend had lost a son and a daughter to suicide within 44 days of each other. This just happened earlier this year.

She went on to say the parents are divorced, and the mother is getting treatment for cancer. Apparantly the grandmother didn’t even acknowledge the children because both of them were gay.

The women continued on their way and thanked me for what we were doing. I then noticed a text from Lynn, beckoning me to join them at the Spring. So I road down to meet them, but my mind was on my hunger and on what the woman had told me.

With all the stories I have heard, this one really made me weary. The details just sunk my spirits and I suddenly wished I had not heard it.

I will always remember sitting next to my grandma after the death of my aunt. I could hear her sobs, as she mourned the death of her child…

Devil's Millhopper State Park
Devil’s Millhopper State Park

Today we stopped at the Devil’s Millhopper State Park to visit a sink hole. My thoughts went again to the mother who lost her two children.

It also made me think that a sink hole is a perfect analogy for someone who is affected by mental illness (either the individual or the family). Please keep this mother in your prayers as she tries to climb out of her own sink hole.

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  1. How awful to lose one child to suicide, much less two…and within such a short period of time! Devastating. That woman sure has had her share of trials in her life, and I can see how hearing her story affected you in a negative way. What does a person do w/that information? Just be open to those who are hurting and keep pursuing the mission of spreading awareness of mental illness, I guess.

  2. We can’t even image the pain she is going through . I hope she can find a suicide survivor’s group in her area. Getting together with other people who understand what your going through is extremely helpful. I was in a group like that when Marilyn died. And believe me it’s what got me through it. I will pray for her. God bless you and thank you for all you have done to raise awareness.

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