Take an Armchair Adventure

My raccoon eyes have faded but the memories have not. To keep on living the adventure, I made a huge paper wall map. I printed out over a dozen Google maps that covered our route. Then I marked the places we stayed on it and connected them using the routes recorded by my Strava app, then I added photos. It looks like this.image

I took it to an Adventure Cycling event at a local REI store on December 2 and taped the unwieldy paper map to a store display. It turns out there was a fellow at the event who had done the Southern Tier about the same time we did it. He saw the map and showed me a very cool app on his iPad called TrackMyTour. I realized it would give me the opportunity to create an electronic version of the wall map to share with everyone.  It took days of looking at Strava tracks, receipts, Google searches, Google map closeups, date-stamped photos on my iPhone, consultation with fellow riders, etc., to put it together. I entered over 400 geographical points from our ride. While the app enters them with date and time and location while a person is on a ride, the data has to be entered by hand after the fact so it took a while.

You can now see our whole 63-day trip in less than an hour, so pull up a chair, get out the popcorn, and take an armchair adventure. I highly recommend that you view it on a device with a large screen so you can see the photos better and read the text.

Click here to start with us in Ocean Beach, San Diego CA on September 14. Then use the single right arrow in the left sidebar to click your way through the trip and finish with us in Saint Augustine FL on November 15.

Enjoy!  And happy holidays!

5 thoughts on “Take an Armchair Adventure”

  1. The electronic version is nice so we can see all the photos and read the details. Must have been tough entering all this by hand. However, I love the paper version; I just like physical things. During the ride, I most liked your blog entries. Made my morning every day.

  2. Wow. What an endeavor Lynn. What an awesome way to capture your memories and tie them to the correct places. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

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